About Us

Supporting Kern County Veterans Since 2013.

Ben and Jenny Patten had both been working individually for several years to assist veterans. Identifying gaps in services, they decided they wanted to do something to help alleviate long wait times for certain services and to help find solutions to veteran’s needs. Driven by their passion for helping their brothers and sisters in arms and inspired by local veteran advocate Vernon P. Valenzuela’s lifelong dedication to veterans, together with a few colleges and friends who also shared their dedication and passion, they set out to create a non-profit that would be named the Armed Forces Support Foundation.

What We Do

Some of the very first projects that the Armed Forces Support Foundation worked on was building wheelchair ramps for WWII and Korea War Veterans who were essentially housebound and unable to enjoy the very freedom they so bravely fought for. With the help of board members and community volunteers, they were able to help return these Veterans to a more normal and enjoyable lifestyle.

Since those first ramps, the Armed Forces Support Foundation has strived to continue to give each veteran they serve the appreciation and support they deserve. They are a dedicated team made up of veterans and non-veterans, who enlist the community to become an integral part of their mission; serving those who have selflessly served our country.

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